Katsumoto is one of the most unique Appaloosa Sport Horses in the world. He combines two outstanding warmblood performance lines.

Sandro Hit, who needs no introduction

and Warkant

Concentric (aka Noah) is a palomino leopard 2011 gelding.

DNA status

  • Red e/e
  • Cream CR/cr (Palomino)
  • Agouti A/a
  • Leopard LP/lp
  • HYPP Not required (Sire and Dam tested N/N)
  • Herda N/N
  • GBED N/N 
  • PSSM1 N/N
  • MH N/N


One of the most titled Appaloosa / Sportaloosa stallions around. From early days it was obvious that he was going to be a superstar!

Bred by Samantha and Vince from the renowned Cayuse Stud during their Qld Days.

Mighty Outrageous (Aka Patrick) is a 16hh RED DUN appaloosa stallion.


Harry Hotspur is a unique buckskin blanketed Sportaloosa (Appaloosa sport horse) gelding located in Queensland, Australia.

Harry is by the very highly classified Hanoverian stallion Earl (Escudo I – Lanthan – Aragon bloodlines).

The Celle State Stud owned black stallion, Earl, has been proclaimed Best Hanoverian Stallion Born in 1999 in the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden, Germany.

DNA tested Double homozygous appaloosa stallion, born 2009

- pedigree

All foals will be Non solid (Carrying at least one copy of the LP Gene),black /brown based appaloosa characteristics guaranteed!!

Hilda is a Knabstrupper with outstanding movement.

It is important to point out that Hilda is NOT an appaloosa cross and does NOT contain any appaloosa blood what so ever.

She is DNA tested Ee, Aa, LPlp, gg, PATN 1 / patn 1 (This means, bay, carrying chestnut, one copy of the 'spotty'gene and no grey who is and willeventually show a leopard in colour patern.)

Hilda won her classification day with ACE, being the highest score of the warmbloods inspected on that day.