DNA tested Double homozygous appaloosa stallion, born 2009

- pedigree

All foals will be Non solid (Carrying at least one copy of the LP Gene),black /brown based appaloosa characteristics guaranteed!!

  • LP / LP Homozygous Leopard
  • E / E Homozygous Black based colours
  • A / a One copy of agouti
  • N / N GBED
  • N / N PSSM 1
  • N / N MH
  • N / N HYPP 
  • N / N Herda 

This means that this colt is physically only able to produce black based colours (Black, brown, bay bases) and the progeny will all have at least one copy of LP.. So depending on the patn status of the mare, should always throw some sort of appaloosa characteristics.

Justin has 15 foals due after his first season at stud.

Justin is of course broken in, but done very little due to work commitments.

Justin is for sale AU$SOLD